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Top 10 Common Fonts Used by the Graphic Designers

Top Ten commonly used fonts

Graphic designers love to liven up their visual concepts in a variety of innovative ways. This is why using interesting and creative fonts is so important to them. The top ten fonts used by graphic designers are listed below. 

Top Ten Fonts Used by Graphic Designers

Knockout Font

This font allows designers to create a combination of many font styles such as dramatic, bold, sleek and contemporary. It has thirty two weights so there is a variety to choose from and make the visual concept more appealing.

Download Knockout Font

Didot Font

This is a very elegant font and was originally French. It has increased stroke contrast and more condensed armature. The hairline degrades in small point sizes because of heavy weighed strokes. It is the modern version of Bodoni.

Download Didot Font  

Mrs Eaves Font

This font is used mostly in headings and display contexts. It has low x-height and an interesting combination of ligatures. It mainly adapts to the Baskerville style. An interesting fact is that Mrs Eaves, the lady who created this font, was John Baskerville’s wife.

Download Mrs Eaves Font

Brandon Grotesque

This is a geometric modern san serif typeface and is very popular. It offers six weights with italics to match and delivers design in simplicity. This is why it is preferred by graphic designers these days.

Download brandon Grostesque font

Museo Sans

museo sans font free

It is a wonderful contribution by Jos Buivenga. It is solid, low contrast and geometric. This is why it is suitable for almost any reading. Although it is claimed to be overused, its legibility is the reason for that.

Download Museo Sans Font


download raleway typeface

This is a Google designed font. It currently offers nine different weights from thin to heavy and is a very original typeface by Matt McInerney.

Download Raleway Font

Playfair Display

playfair display typeface download

Another one by Google, Playfair Display is wonderful for headlines and titles. Claus Eggers Sørensen designed it so as to create a transition. It uses small caps with both common and discretionary ligatures. It also uses arrow devices.

Download Playfair Display font


download kondolar font

Cadson Demark from Bangkok shows dual personality in this font. It carries enough detail to make good headlines. This is a relatively new typeface.

Download Kondolar Font


rockwell font free

It is very bold, strong and edgy. It was revived by Morris Fuller Benton. It is slab serif, unbracketed and monotype.

Download Rockwell font


enclave font family

James Moltanbano made this thick yet softly rounded typeface. It is high impact yet subtle.

Download Enclave typeface

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