Wednesday, 4 November 2015

10 Futuristic Modern Fonts That You can Use For Free

ailerons free font

If you're looking for fonts with futuristic, modern and fresh feel then you have come to the right place. Today, we are sharing 10 amazing futuristic fonts that you can use in your next sci-fi or any related projects for absolutely free.

10 Modern, Futuristic Free Fonts

Ailerons Font

ailerons free font

Ailerons was inspired by aircraft models from the 1940s. A clean, all-caps font, it was originally designed for an experimental air models project. You can download and use ailerons font for free.

Download Ailerons Font


futuracha free font

Futuracha is a modern, futuristic display font based on futura's backbone. Available for download for free.

Download Futuracha Free

Timber Inline Font

timber inline font

Timber is a free font that's very versatile as you can easily combine the letters with minimal effort in Illustrator to achieve great typographic effects. The lines are perfectly aligned to be connected to each other. 

Uppercase and lowercase also feature different letters. Feel free to use the font for personal/commercial projects, just don't distribute it, upload it elsewhere or claim it as your own.

Download Timber font free


manifesto free font

Manifesto is a unique font that was inspired by the Italian rationalist movement. It has a peculiar modern outlook and sharp non-curvy edges that makes it a perfect fit for modern designs.

Download Manifesto Font

Arkship Free Font

A modern, futuristic typeface that will give your designs a brand new fresh look. You can download it for free.

Download Arkship Font

Lombok Free Font

lombok stylish font free

For a minimal aesthetic, try Swiss graphic design student Alexandre Pietra's futuristic sans-serif, Lombok. Perfect for posters or any attention-grabbing design, Lombok is free for personal projects.

Download Lombok typeface free

Vagtur Free Font

vagtur free font

An old university project by Berlin-based graphic artist Simon Becker  with support from graphic and type designer Sabrina Ekecik, Vagtur is a headline font that features a sharp contrast between rounded sans serif and calligraphic script. 

This is no coincidence, as it's a compound font made up of classic typefaces VAG and Fette Fraktur. It's free for download in exchange for a tweet or a share.

Download Vagtur Free Font

Stellar Modern Free Font

stellar free font

Stellar is a slightly condensed sans serif type with a taller x-height to give it legibility and personality. It comes in four weights and was designed to give purpose to your ideas, galactic or atomic.

Download Stellar Font Free

Beyno Futuristic Font

benyo typeface

Beyno is a modern futuristic free font. An uppercase design, it lends itself particularly well to eye-catching headlines, posters and much more, and is free for both commercial and personal use.

Download Beyno Typeface Free

WalkOn Free Font

walkon free font

Designed by Hong Kong-based creative Hanson Chan, Walk On is a retro font fusing an Art Deco feel with a contemporary approach. It was originally designed as a corporate typeface for fashion brand Wang & Lynch, but is now available for free download.

Download Walkon Free Font

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