Monday, 15 June 2015

Beautiful Alphabetic Countries Names Logo Designs by Pavel Zertsikel

Recently, I came across beautiful typographic logo designs by Pavel Zertsikel. According to the designer ' We have finally completed our noncommercial fun project "Alphabet of the Countries". Version 1.0. 25 logos. One on each letter of English alphabet (except X, because there is no a single country beginning on X).'

Alphabet of the Countries™

What is it. Noncommercial project of Zergutdesign Studio.

The idea. To make a bunch of handlettered logotypes, which represent our notion of a particular country.

Format. One logo per each letter of the English alphabet, using of fonts is strictly forbidden, only hand drawing. Well except small captions.

It was a tough choice on many letters, so apologize for those who didn't find their country, next editions ahead.

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