Friday, 26 September 2014

10 Fun Party Fonts that are ideal for Kids and Younger Audience

Many a times, one has to work on projects particularly meant for kids and children audience. The best way to convey message to that sort of audience is obviously done by using some fun eye catching fonts with of course, a variety of colours.

Recently I created a typographic poster for my client which she genuinely loved. You can see that poster right above. As you can see, by using a new kids fun font known as 'Billy' and a bit of different colors, I was able to add a bit different uniqueness to the overall design and I totally attribute this to that wonderful font which is available free on Behance!

While working on this project, I also came across a number of other kids fun fonts that are ideal for young age group target audience. Take a look and let me know if you found these fonts useful or not.

Billy Font

I'm starting with the one that I loved the most. Billy is trendy and different and very ideal for kids and children posters and adverts.

Download Billy Font free

Cut out the Jams - A free Font

A total innovative font that has been created by scanning cut card board letters. It's a total bold, fun font that is ideal for titles and headlines for kids posters. If you're looking for more titles and headlines fonts, check out my other title fonts article.

Download Cut out the Jams free font 

Simplicity Font

Simplicity, as the name suggest is a simple yet fun font that is very much suitable for younger age group owing to its delineating curvyness and simplicity.

Download simplicity font free

CF Back to School Font

Another handwritten beautiful font that is rough enough to give you some good handwritten quality and has the fun element as well.

Download CF Back to School Font

Mari & David Handmade Font

Another Hand made font which is truly worth every designer's collection. Mari & David is a gorgeous font that comes in three calibres and will give your designs a whole new fun outlook.

Download Mari & David font free

Dude Font

Another Lost type pro typeface that comes in more than 10 subtypes. If you're looking for something on Western Cowboy style front, Dude font is simply made for you. 

Download Dude font free

Hipsterish Font

Hipsterish is all about creating fun hipster posters that will totally get others' attention. This is one font that I use regularly for my sidenotes.

Download Hipsterish Font free

Throw My hands up in the air Font

As the name suggests, Throw my hands in the air font is made simply for party invites and relevant posters. The exquisite handwritten font is available absolutely free.

Download Throw my hands up in the air font free

Olivier Font

A combo of brush and script typeface, Olivier is a bold fun font that can be used as title headings for your kids posters or graphic designs.

Download Olivier Font free

Always in My heart font

If you want to write a postcard to your son, Always in My Heart is simply a perfect typeface. A beautiful handwritten script font.

Download Always in my Heart font free

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