Monday, 8 September 2014

5 Script Urban Fonts that You'll Totally Love to use in Typographic Posters

5 Script and Hand written Fonts for Your Typographic Work

Script fonts are absolutely necessary if you're working on wedding or any event typographic posters or invites. A number of my clients hire me for Wedding invites work which require some serious personality. Nothing beats script or hand-written fonts in that regard. I'm always looking out for script fonts that add to the personality of my typography work and here I'm going to share 5 such fonts which I occasionally use in my work.

Mostly I use these script fonts as main headlines or highlighting some words. Using bold typeface in combination with script calligraphic or urban style will simply give your work a brand new outlook. Although they have to complement each other but these days there are so many good fonts out there that you can almost use combinations in any way you want!

Take a look at these fonts cause you might find them useful in your next project. All these fonts are totally free!

1. God Bless America Font

A solid calligraphic, brush stroked free script font that I absolutely love to use. The best thing is despite the quality of this font, it's absolutely free! 

2. Lavender Script Fonts Family

Another amazing font family that comes in 3 different thickness attributes. Totally useful for creating sleek, elegant wedding cards.

3. La Chatte a Maman Font

Another solid script free font that you will absolutely adore. This font is perfect for headlines. I've using this the most in my present projects and clients absolutely love it!

 4. Mission Script Font

Mission script is one of the elite typographic script fonts that have revolutionized script writing. A totally balanced script font that adds perfect balance between your straight bold typeface and calligraphic typeface. Again its totally free if you don't want to pay anything.

Download Mission Script

5. Angelina Font

Last but not the least, Angelina is a total fun font that will add custom hand writing and personality to your typography. It's one of the best hand-written fonts out there in the web and makes up a perfect addition in my font family.

I hope these fonts would add alot to your next project. If you like my family of script fonts, please do share the article and let me know by your comments of what you think about this blog. Cheers!

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