Tuesday, 16 September 2014

5 Premium looking Serif fonts that are totally free in the Fonts Market

It's time to get your hands dirty with some premium quality Serif fonts that are totally free out there in the market. These 5 serif fonts are on my priority use list these days and they are totally worth it. I have been getting a number of projects recently especially related to minimal typographic posters and Serif fonts do perform the best for me when it comes to minimalistic typography designing.

Unfortunately, most people only know about few traditional Serif fonts and never really bothered to look into the vast premium family of Serif fonts that have been there on the internet for free usage for quite some time. This is the basic reason for starting this blog in order to share what's good out there and what can be seriously useful for aspiring designers and clients alike. So, here's a list of 5 premium looking Serif fonts that you can download for free.

Klinic Slab Font

A perfect book font that is totally worth for mass usage. Times have passed for 'Times Roman' and other Serif master pieces as we enter the new age with such quality serif fonts.

Download Kirklin Slab Serif font free

Ateltico - Serif Font

The designer was kind enough to put this premium looking serif font for free on Behance. One of my favourite and most used serif fonts currently out there in the market. You have to add this to your font collection no matter what!

Download Atletico serif font free

Homestead - Bold Serif font

Homestead is an eye candy. With its three versions and unique bold outlook, homestead is perfect for headlines. You won't be getting any better headline bold font in the market so better get your hands dirty with this pretty solid font.

Download Homestead bold serif font free

Fontin - Font Family

This might be a linker font between Serif and Sans family but Fontin has been one of the oldest premium looking fonts out there in the market for so many years and is definitely worth mentioning. Whenever you are confused about which font to use at any point, you can always pick up Fonting, it's that good!

Download Fontin free

Geared Slab Free Font

Geared Slab is another success story of Lost Type. I prefer using it in all caps. I have been using it mostly for my vintage typographic posters and surely it pops out the poster when others fail to do so.

Download Geared Slab free

Hope you like this small serif fonts collection. For more fonts and inspirations keep visiting The Fonts Collection :)

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