Saturday, 13 September 2014

5 Free Sans Serif Fonts that will give your typography a new edge

In one way or the other, Sans Serif fonts or the fonts without the serif  are simply the most used fonts in the world when it comes to poster designing and graphical art. Although, serif fonts still lead the race especially when it comes to newspaper fonts or even general literature but the trends are changing pretty quickly and many designers and web developers now prefer Sans Serif fonts over the serif counterparts.

In the end though, it simply depends on the usage. My work mostly rotates around designing typographic posters for my clients and so I mainly use Sans Serif fonts for most of my work but again it all depends on the what the client wants.

This blog post is all about sharing my favourite 5 Sans Serif fonts that I love to use when it comes to typography or graphic designing. Take a look and let me know if you're going to use any of these!

Opificio Neue Free Font

It's a total beauty. I'm amazed that this font is even free owing to quality it has. Opificio Neue will be perfect for your subheadings so download it if you haven't already.

Download Opificio Neue font free

Edmondsans Free Font

Possibly one of the elites of Sans Serif, Edmondsans in my language has taken over the Sans Serif typeface quite drastically owing to its minimal and clean outlook and perfect utility. You can download it via Lost Type where you can pay whatever you want or get the font absolutely fee.

Download Edmondsans font free

Liberator Free Font

Ryan Clark has created this brilliant headlines usage font. According to him "Liberator is from a bygone era, when our grandparents fought for the freedom we enjoy today. Its bomber-inspired face provides a masculine punch to any project or design." Again this font is available at the cost of your choice at Lost Type

Mock up Free Font

Simple, unique and perfect for inline typography. Mock up is an absolute success story of popular Sans Serif fonts. Be sure to get your hands on this one via dafont.

Arsenal Free Font

Finally, last but not the least, we have one of my favourites "Arsenal sans serif font" waiting for you to download for absolutely nothing.

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