Tuesday, 30 September 2014

20 Typographic Posters with Perfect Use of Fonts

Good Typography is all about combining fonts. Typographic artists modify their art by working with fonts in order to create something special. Being an amateur typographic artist myself, I'm always hunting for inspirational typographic posters created by the design community that are worth sharing.

People are increasingly showing their interest in good fonts and that is what improving this market day by day. We see a number of social media brands using typographic posters to increase their engagement with their crowd. But as simple as it sounds, good typographic posters are difficult to come by.

So, to make things easier for you guys, I went on a hunt for good typographic posters to inspire you for your next project. I was able to collect these 50 modern typographic posters that are good enough to get an idea from of how things work in the world of typography.

20 Typographic Posters with Perfect Use of Fonts

Typographic Posters by Risa Rodil

Typographic Poster by Jonathan Minns

Amazing Typographic Poster Designs by Bram Vanhaeren

Typographic Art by Matt Ottdal

Seasons Typographic Poster Series by Oriana Gaeta

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