Thursday, 18 September 2014

16 Bold and Heavy Fonts that are Perfect for Headlines

Fonts collector is all about to create a place where I can share the most quality fonts with other graphic designers and artists. Typography is the basic component of almost every design element these days. Whether you talk about advertisement designs, logos, infographics, books, ebooks, or even a newspaper, typography and fonts affect all dimensions of a design. As a graphic designer, I have seen that fonts can either make or break your overall design so it becomes an essential obligation for all of us to realize the worth of typography and use the best tools at our disposal.

In this article, I have decided to share a few bold and heavy fonts that I found very useful for making headlines or titles of a transcript. Most of these heavy bold fonts are ideal for posters and flyers and thus can effectively conveys the message for the advertiser. If you're a looking for modern bold and heavy fonts for your graphic work look no further as I have compiled the most effective list of bold and heavy fonts for you.

16 Bold and Heavy Fonts that are Perfect for Headlines

Molot Font

Starting off with one of the heaviest fonts in the market. Molot is absolutely gorgeous free font that can be used as a solo font for your main wording in a poster design or a typographic flyer.

Download Molot font free

Homestead Font

Homestead is simply my favourite among the lot. It comes in three unique typefaces. This is the font that I also did mention in my Sans serif fonts compilation list. It's an extremely versatile font with perfect weight and dimensions.

Download Homestead Free font

Vincent Font

Vincent is ideal for retro posters. You can use it well in vintage designs. The unique curves of this font makes it ideal for that purpose.

Download Vincent font free

Carton Font

Another Lost type elites. Carton is a delightful typeface that is perfect for headlines as well as subheadings for your graphic designs.

Download Carton font free

Keep Calm Font

You have surely seen the Keep Calm typographic posters that went viral over the internet. Well, guess what the font that has been used in those posters is also called Keep Calm!

Keep calm and download Keep Calm font here

Liberator Font

Another vintage and retro theme font that can be used for multi purposes. I simply love its sharp curves.

Download Liberator font free

New York Rangers Font

The New York rangers font is perfect if you're looking for an open space font. It's inner spacing is unique in these terms.

Download New York Rangers font

Bender Font

Another perfectly curvy bold font that comes in a variety of subsets.

Download Bender font free

Florida Bold Font

Florida is a perfect blend of italics + bold letters. I have specially using this font in order to isolate a particular line in my typography posters.

Download Florida bold font free

Ostrich Sans Font

The curvy corners give a unique and user friendly outlook to this font. It's an ideal font for younger target audience graphics.

Download Ostrich Sans font

Xtreem Font

It's unique and it's different. As the name sounds , you can use this font for extreme purposes!

Download Xtreem font free

Evogria Font

Another perfectly balanced bold typeface that can be used for titles and headline purposes in graphics or books.

Download Evogria font free

Download Big Noodle Titling Font

Big noodle is big and tightly packed font that I would definitely recommend for headlines. Due to its compact nature, you can enlarge this font upto quite some good size.

Download big noodle titling font

Track Font

Track is a modernized bold typeface that you can also use as subheadings and in content bold letters. 

Download Track font free

Rangers Font

Rangers is a different sort of heavy bold font which can be used for some traditional western posters and graphic designs. 

Download Rangers font

Cookie Font

Cookie comes in both caps and small caps version and is thus ideal for making headlines as well as typographic posters. 

Download cookie font free

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