Monday, 29 September 2014

10 Best Fonts that you can download for free

This  is the first post of the weekly series of best fonts and typefaces that I'm starting at this blog. I'll be collecting 10 fonts every week to share with the audience of this blog. It's a known fact that typography can create the core difference between a good and a bad design therefore choosing the right font is vital if you want to succeed as a designer. That's the original thought behind starting this blog in order to facilitate the designers with all the great and usable fonts in the market and thus helping them collect the best ones for their work.

Even the web development trends are changing fast and we see a number of good brands that revolve around typography when it comes to their online branding. Specky Boy mentioned a great article in this regard. So, whether you're a web developer or a logo designer, these article series will be highly useful for you guys as I hand-pick all these fonts myself. In this article, I'll be sharing a mixture of fonts and typefaces that belong to different categories like Sans, Script fonts etc. I've been searching for a lot of good fonts lately and these fonts have worked really well for me.

The download link for each font is given right below it so you can go straight to its downloading area. I only share free fonts for now but will be writing detailed articles on premium fonts as well that available on license. So, start scrolling and don't forget to mention your favourite font that you consider is the best typeface among the rest.

Aleo - Free font family

Starting off with a beautiful serif family Aleo which is available for free at Behance. Created by Alessio Laiso, Aleo is a perfect, clean, readable typeface that will perfectly replace your Times Roman.

Download Aleo Free Font

Axis - Free Typeface

Axis is a unique Sans typeface that is tremendously clean and perfect for subheading usage in posters and advertisements. 

Download Axis Font free

NOOA - Free Font

NOOA is a demi serif font that is beautifully designed owing to its sleek edges and curvy lettering. NOOA font is available free for download.

Download NOOA Font free

Archive - Free Font 

You won't find a better punchline typeface than the Archive font. It's a strong bold, heavy font that is ideal for titles and headlines.

Download Archive free font

Marcel - Script Font

Script lettering is my biggest weakness. I think script fonts are most difficult to create and execute. Marcel is one of those script fonts that you used to see on vintage English letters. Although many of used the 'English' script font for that purpose but Marcel is clearly the next gen vintage script font. 

Download Marcel font free

Intro - Free Font

Intro is an amazing bold typeface, perfect for headlines and sprouting out words. With its heavy interface, you can surely use it at alot of different places.

Download Intro Font free

Choplin Serif Font

Choplin is the height of creativity. Created with a number of weights, Choplin is a must download if you're looking for a clean looking geometric serif font.

Download Choplin Serif Font free

Streetwear free font

Streetwear is a stylish, retro inspired free font that is perfect for logos and vintage posters.

Download Streetwear font free

Odin Rounded Free Font

Odin Rounded is an free experimental font family with a clean, crisp and linear appearance.

Download Odin Rounded font free

Flagship Slab Font

Another brilliant free typeface belonging to Slab serif family. Flagship is truly an inspirational clean font that is perfect for regular typographic posters.

Download Flagship font free

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